Community Glue Merch Drop!

Glue Factory
1 min readFeb 16, 2023

Our very special merch bundle has landed!

Community Glue Merch Pack

Holders who took part in our Market Research Survey (last year) can now trot thru to the link below and redeem a free + postage merch pack.


Here’s what you’re getting:

  • Skelly Cord Hat in Black
  • Skelly Enamel Pin
  • Everything Is Totally Normal Cotton Canvas Tote Bag

Wen? You’ve got 6 weeks to redeem your merch from today (16 Feb 2023) — and this limited drop is ONLY for the folks who have been an important part of our Glue Community DNA.

Want to know if you’re eligible? Check your wallets (and your hidden folder) for the Community Super Glue NFT.

Unsure how to claim your merch? We’ve dropped a step-by-step guide to merch redemption in Discord in the #the-daily-bale channel.

Remeber only click on links from OFFICIAL GLUE FACTORY CHANNELS!

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And, of course, stop by the barn and say Hay on Discord.



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